Ekaterina Leonova (36) and Timon Krause (28) fight for victory together at Let’s Dance – are they going through the same thing when it comes to love? The professional dancer has been going through life with entrepreneur Hasan Kivran for the past few months. The mentalist was also in good hands – from time to time he presented his beloved Sarah to his fans online. But that could be the end of it now: Have Ekaterina and Timon now ended their relationships almost at the same time?

How Picture wants to have experienced, both Ekat and Timon to be single again: Allegedly, not only the relationship of the native Russian, but also the love of the mentalist broke up. However, there is no more detailed information about the separations. Neither Ekat nor Timon have commented on it so far.

A few weeks ago there was said to have been quite a row between Ekat and her Hasan. The reason: It was rumored that the dancer and her show partner Timon kissed at the end of a “Let’s Dance” performance in the studio. The juror Motsi Mabuse (42) also fueled the flirting rumors about Ekat and Timon already during the show…

Source: celebtap.com