Shooting “Arielle” was very exhausting for Halle Bailey! In the summer of 2019 it was announced that the actress would take on the lead role in the live-action adaptation. Because of the color of her skin, some fans had interpreted the role as a sign against racism. Director Rob Marshall, on the other hand, clarified – it was just her talent. But how was the time on the set for Halle?

In an interview with edition magazines she revealed: She was in the water for up to 13 hours on some shooting days! “I’ve been trying like I’ve never done in my life,” the 22-year-old told the magazine. But it wasn’t just exhausting for her, Halle revealed: “I feel like I learned so much from her. I auditioned when I was 18, I got the role when I was 19 and this year I’ll be 23. I have so really feel like Arielle helped me grow up.”

But Halle also had to deal with a lot of hate when it was announced that a black girl would play the mermaid. “It was definitely a shock to see the world’s reaction,” she said. “But seeing the reactions of all the babies, all the brown and black young girls, it really upset me emotionally.”the actress rejoiced.