Michael Kraus (39) can laugh at himself! This year’s Let’s Dance partner of professional dancer Maria Maksina (25) could not convince the jury last Friday. The two had only received ten jury points for their performance. Nevertheless, it was enough to get into the next round. The two fell into each other’s arms with relief after the announcement – ​​and the former handball professional accidentally kissed the dancer’s armpit. Mimi is now making fun of this faux pas!

At Instagram he now shares a slow motionVideo about it and writes: “When you kiss your dance partner’s armpit with joy and faint briefly.” He amusedly dubbed the incident “armpit gate” and also reported, “I can’t stop laughing!” His fans are also amused: “The ‘I kiss your eyes’ was yesterday … ‘I kiss your armpits’ means a lot more,” comments a fan on the post.

However, the athlete did not want to be defeated by the point bankruptcy, he reported in the celebrity flash-Interview. However, he couldn’t explain to himself why it was: “I don’t know what it was. Our dress rehearsal was better, then there’s the stage fright and the excitement. We were so much better last week and the week before last.”

Source: celebtap.com