It’s been a while since Arnold Schwarzenegger really let it loose. With the Netflix series “Fubar” his action fans seem to get their money’s worth again. Here’s the first teaser trailer:

It’s a little sad, but the last action masterpiece starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that everyone can agree on is James Cameron’s 1994 True Lies. The 6th Day”, “Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines”, “The Last Stand” or “Sabotage”. But even fans of the Styrian oak don’t want to talk about milestones.

In recent years, it’s also gotten particularly lean when it comes to Arnie’s halfway useful hit-and-run rate. In addition to “Maggie” and “Vendetta”, in which Schwarzenegger very convincingly tried his hand as a character actor, there are action films such as “Killing Gunther”, “Iron Mask” and “Terminator: Dark Fate”. over which one prefers to wrap the cloak of silence.

Now Netflix seems to be doing the battered to starving Arnold Schwarzenegger fansoul a favor. With the action series “Fubar”, they want to return to the tradition of “True Lies” and not only offer a spectacle, but also prove that Arnie can still hit the comedy. The first short trailer released now also revealed the release date: On May 25, 2023 the time has come!

This is “fubar”

The core of the story is a father-daughter relationship (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbara). Both must gradually realize that their relationship is built on a single lie, since not only the father but also the daughter works for the CIA. To get a little closer, the duo join forces to stop crime together.

Spanning eight episodes, “Fubar” will explore family dynamics with plenty of humor and action. Arnold Schwarzenegger finally gets his first series written just for him. Rounding out the cast are Jay Baruchel (“It’s the End”), Fortune Feimster (“Yes Day”), Milan Carter (“Wraped!”), Travis Van Winkle (“The Last Ship”), Gabriel Luna (“The Last Of Us”), Andy Buckley (“The Office”), Aparna Brielle (“Boo, Bitch”), Barbara Eve Harris (“Prison Break”) and Fabiana Udenio (“Austin Powers”).

But that’s not all, because a very interesting personality is still missing: the well-known screenwriter and producer Nick Santora is responsible for “Fubar”. His previous work includes formats such as The Sopranos, Law & Order, Prison Break, Lie To Me, Vegas, Scorpion and Reacher. Santora is also a writer and executive producer of “Fubar”.

Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger were supposed to star in a terrible 90s comedy – and Sly was even tricked into it!