You enjoy the time together! Katharina Kock (25) has been slipping into the role of Antonia Brandt at Berlin – Day & Night for around four years. A few weeks ago, the amateur actress surprised her fans with some sweet news: she’s with her BTN co-star Jan Philipp Preuss together! How is it for Catherine and Jan Philippto stand in front of the camera together? celebrity flash checked for you!

“We’re super relaxed about working together. We’re rather happy when we shoot a lot together and can therefore spend a lot of time together, precisely because our job is quite time-consuming.”explains the 25-year-old in an interview with celebrity flash. If one of the two doesn’t feel like talking about the job at home, that’s no problem either: “Simple, open and honest communication is our secret recipe.”

Nothing has changed since their relationship became public. “We are both far too happy for that and so grateful that we finally found someone who not only understands us, but also supports us in everything.”explained Catherine across from celebrity flash. The two seem as in love as ever: “The feeling when I look Philipp in the eye is simply indescribable.”