Sad news from the television and theater world! Lotti Krekel discovered her talent as a child. At the age of six she had already worked as a radio play announcer for children’s radio. In 1958 she made her breakthrough at the Millowitsch Theater in Cologne with the play “The Spanish Fly”. The actress should also be known to many from TV. For example, she embodied roles in the WDR series “Die Anrheiner”, the series “Sylter Stories” or the crime scene. Sadly, Lotti has now passed away.

This was reported to people close to TV fame Picture. Lotti died in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The all-rounder was 81 years old. The cause of death has not yet been announced. She leaves behind her husband Ernst Hilbich.

In addition to acting, the 81-year-old also worked as a singer and speaker. She achieved particular success with her songs in Rhenish dialect. Their popular hits like “A visit to the zoo” and “I’ll give the awl a couple of flowers” became carnival classics. Lotti also spoke a part in the famous audio book “Paul Temple and the Margo Case”.