His girlfriend passed out! Jack Whitehall (34) is an English comedian and actor. But it’s not just his career that’s going great. For the past two years, he’s also been attached to the Vogue model Roxy Horner forgive. The two now share an apartment with their dog Coco. Now Jack reported on a real shock moment of the relationship: Girlfriend Roxy passed out backstage!

In an interview with Evening Standard the comedian revealed that Roxy collapsed at the Brit Awards and was rushed straight to the hospital. The reason for this was her type 1 diabetes, which she didn’t know anything about at the time. “She had diabetic hypos and passed out”, added Jack. He also said: “The paramedics tried to revive her and her sugar levels rose dangerously.”

Jack described the trip to the ER as “a different kind of after-party.” Roxy reported that she had had symptoms before. She had hardly any energy and drank up to eight liters a day. “Jack was my rock, he’s so wonderful,” the model thanked her sweetheart. The couple are now committed to educating people about the disease and support charities together.

Source: celebtap.com