Cheyenne Ochsenknecht’s (22) family is now four! A few days ago she and her husband Nino Sifkovits welcomed their son Matteo Nael into the world. The two are already parents of the little ones Mavie (2) and now live as parents of two on their farm in Austria. In the meantime, the influencer is already at home with her baby. Living with two small children has to adapt cheyenne but first get used to it.

“Mavie took the little one very well. Still crazy, two of you go to the hospital and suddenly there are four of you at home […]. So many things to change and get into a new routine.”she reports Instagram honest. cheyenne wanted to make everything perfect immediately – but she still lacked the strength and calm for it, which is why a lot of tears flowed. “But I know that we’ll have found our routine in a few days,” the model is still positive.

The biggest challenge for cheyenne be it doing justice to her two children and giving both of them the same feeling. “That’s the hardest thing for me, somehow showing Mavie that she no longer has us alone, but has to share us…”, she admits. However, the thoroughbred mother can always count on her husband’s help.