It was getting close for her! The quarter-finals of Let’s Dance were on Friday. Also there were: Anna Ermakova (23), Julia Beautx (24), Knossi (36), Philipp Boy (35) and Timon Krause (28). The latter had to tremble when making the decision together with his partner Ekaterina Leonova (36). Ultimately, however, they did not fly, but Knossi and Isabel Edvardsson (40) from the show. What was the tremor moment for Ekat? celebrity flash checked it out…

After the show, the candidates answered a few questions on the dance floor – including Ekat. She recalled the decision of who gets to move into the semifinals and who doesn’t. “Well, shaking is just not a nice feeling because you’re in such an uncertain situation”the professional dancer explained celebrity flash. you and Timon would have hoped for calls from their fans and viewers. “It’s not a nice feeling, but if you get further, then of course it’s a great feeling,” said the beauty.

Meanwhile was for Knossi in the quarterfinals no more funny. The 36-year-old took the fact that it had worked out for him with composure. “I am very, very, very grateful that I was allowed to take part here. I gave everything”the YouTube star explained celebrity flash.