Jenny Frankhauser (30) is a mighty proud mom. With her partner Steffen König, the influencer welcomed her little Damian into the world in September 2022. And the bundle of joy is Mama’s pride. She enthusiastically shares pictures showing her baby growing up. But now he has apparently made a big leap: Jenny’s little Damian can already stand!

Apparently that surprised Mama Jenny very much. In your Instagramstory, she posts a picture of her baby, which he’s pretty sure is on. He still has to hold on to a trolley, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem either. “Um… you’re only seven months old”, writes the astonished mother. Apparently, the 30-year-old didn’t expect Damian to try to take the first steps so early.

But Jenny’s relationship with her son is also a particularly close one. Just a few days ago, she shared a series of hilarious pictures of her fooling around with Damian. In addition to a happy laugh, the duo also made funny faces. “I gave birth to my best friend myself”the former jungle queen rejoiced.