Marc-Robin just can’t let it go! The Karlsruher and his ex-girlfriend Michelle became known through their participation in the fourth season of the reality show Temptation Island. The two can currently be seen separately on Prominent. Also Marc Robins Ex-affair Mrs.Marlisa is a contestant on the show. In the meantime, however, the trash starlet can no longer imagine anything with the blonde. Now gossip Marc Robin once more violently over Marlisa!

In the current episode of the reality show, the reality star admits to his ex that after a few days in the villa he finally needs sex again. Michelle suggests that he go to Marlisa. “What do I want with them? I don’t even touch them with pliers anymore”, he then blurts out. His former partner is annoyed and thinks he shouldn’t talk like that about a woman he once dated.

Marlisa generally has to put up with a lot as a result. Her ex, Fabio, is also constantly taunting her. Above all, according to the Italian, their qualities in the household are not available. She can neither cook nor clean. Marc Robin agrees with this opinion in the interview: “She doesn’t do the best housekeeping either. I can confirm that.”