It is official! King Charles III (74) was officially crowned head of the British monarchy at Westminster Abbey today. His younger son Prince Harry (38) also traveled to London for these celebrations. During the coronation, he sat next to his cousin Princess Eugenie’s (33) husband, with whom he had a lively chat. Now a lip reader reveals what Harry is said to have said.

How Mirror reported, Jacqui Press recognized a light-hearted conversation between Prince William’s (40) brother and Jack Brooksbank (37) about the departure of the American by choice. “Around a quarter to four,” the redhead is said to have said. Eugenie’s husband then replied: “Oh really, when?”, which Harry is said to have answered with “I think tomorrow…”. So is he staying longer?

He actually wanted to leave immediately after the ceremony to celebrate his son Archie Harrison’s (4) fourth birthday – but then he was invited to the coronation dinner. It is not yet known whether Duchess Meghan’s husband (41) will appear at this ceremony. Loud Daily Mail the invitation could be seen as a kind of peace offering.