And another The Masked Singer secret has been revealed! Last week, this year’s season of the popular advice show finally started again – and a candidate had already had to take off his mask in show number one: none other than Jan Josef Liefers (58) was hiding under the kangaroo costume. Now the dream of winning “The Masked Singer” has also burst for the second participant: The raccoon is out – and Daniel Boschmann (42) was under the mask!

After the colorful masks initially had to compete against each other in two groups of four tonight, the hedgehog, the raccoon, the seahorse and the mushroom wobbled at the end of the evening. But the votes were not enough for one candidate to advance to the next round: The raccoon flew out and then had to reveal his identity – the TV presenter was hiding under the elaborate costume Daniel Boschman!

So there are still seven masks fighting for the trophy next week! In addition to the Diamantula and the Terry Elephant, the Shoebill and the Toast also want to make it to first place. But the hedgehog, the mushroom and the seahorse continue to compete with them.