Sarah Engels (30) has never met his new girl. At DSDS, the singer fell head over heels in love with Pietro Lombardi (30). The TV dream couple then married and had a son together. The two are now divorced and happily newly married. Pietro and his fiancé Laura Maria Rypa (27) recently became the proud parents of a little son. Across from celebrity flash Sarah now admitted that she hadn’t met the blonde yet.

At the launch of the TKMaxx online shop at the Supercandy Pop-Up Museum in Cologne, the brunette seemed unaware that her ex-husband’s fiancé was attending the same event. “To be honest, I didn’t know that,” she explained celebrity flash-Interview surprised. Then Sarah added: “But nice, because then I’ll finally get to know them.” The singer also plans to speak to Laura should the opportunity arise.

Pietro recently proved that the patchwork life can work. On Instagram the singer shared a snap with his two sons. “My two boys. My life,” wrote the 30-year-old underneath. Although Alessio is already significantly larger than Baby Leano, her dad still manages to hold them both in his arms at the same time.