Zico Banach (32) thinks: Cosmetic procedures are not just for women! The hottie became known through his participation in Maxime Herbord’s Bachelorette season (28). In the same year he tried his luck again at Bachelor in Paradise. He finally found his partner away from the dome shows – but also in front of the camera: Today he is with his former Cologne 50667 colleague Pia Tillmann (35). He currently earns his bread and butter as an influencer. He shared an exciting update with his followers on social media: Zico had fat removed!

In a question and answer session Instagram Regarding his operation, he explained: He had a total of two liters of fat removed from his stomach via liposuction! How come? Because fitness and co. would not have given him the desired effect: “I’ve been fighting with my body since childhood and deal with it, do a lot of sports,” emphasized Zico. “I just noticed that I can’t achieve my desired goal without blatantly reducing my quality of life. That’s why I’ve now helped with liposuction.” He is also very satisfied with the preliminary result so far. A photo shows his torso after the procedure – covered in severe bruises from the suction.

For Zico it took a lot of effort to make his intervention public. “It’s a taboo subject for most men, but I didn’t want to keep it a secret and just make a statement,” said the TV actor. “How many women get surgery these days and it’s taken for granted? Why don’t I, as a man, have a right to feel good?” In conclusion, however, he would like to make it clear: “That doesn’t mean that you can now let yourself go and just have an operation!”

Source: celebtap.com