Aurora Ramazzotti (26) can live out her culinary delights again! The daughter of Michelle Hunziker (46) and Eros Ramazzotti (59) proudly announced on Thursday that her little son named Cesare saw the light of day. While many other celebrities – such as the model Marie Nasemann (34) in 2020 – especially miss sushi during their pregnancy, the new mom is looking forward to a completely different dish after the birth: Aurora enjoys a tartare after giving birth!

In your Instagram-Story the proud mother now publishes a snapshot of her meal: aurora treats himself to a tartare – i.e. raw meat – with some salad and a dollop of mustard. “Finally we meet again”emphasizes the 26-year-old on the photo of her dish and also garnishes the post with a happy smiling emoji.

But why do pregnant celebrity women actually do without sushi, raw meat and the like? The Robert Koch Institute strongly advises against consuming raw fish and raw meat during pregnancy. The reason: The uncooked foods are particularly risky for expectant mothers because they can be carriers of bacteria and pathogens.