The release of Kendrick Johnson’s autopsy photos has sparked public outcry and renewed calls for a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.

The tragic death of Kendrick Johnson is a controversial and highly publicized case that has attracted much attention in recent years.

Kendrick’s body was found in a rolled up gym mat at Lowndes High School on January 11, 2013, nearly 24 hours after his mother reported him missing.

The ensuing investigation into Kendrick’s death was fraught with controversy, with many questioning the official accidental death ruling.

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The family’s suspicions were further confirmed when the private pathologist discovered evidence of blunt force trauma to Kendrick’s neck, refuting authorities’ suggestion that he died of asphyxia from becoming trapped between the mat and sneakers.

Further investigation concluded with the discovery of coagulated blood found in the rolled-up mat and accumulated around Kendrick’s sneakers, in addition to the lack of bloodstains on the shoes – both pieces of evidence suggesting foul play in his death.

The Johnson family has been tireless in demanding justice for their loved one and this shocking new development has only fueled their search for answers.

The questions surrounding Kendrick’s mysterious demise remain unanswered and have yet to be fully understood by all involved.

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What happened after the case reopened?

Kendrick Johnson’s death was nothing short of a tragedy that rocked the community. After claiming the life of an 11-year-old, it took even more diligence to bring justice.

Fortunately, after this finding, the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia agreed to reopen the case and confirmed months later that they would not pursue criminal charges.

In response, the family filed a $100 million lawsuit against 38 people, but it ended with a bitter result when it was dismissed and the Johnsons were ordered to pay more than $300,000 in attorney fees.

Despite the troubling outcome, one can only hope that this case has created a spark to ensure that similar cases lead to much more satisfactory solutions in the future.

The Johnson family’s journey to uncover the truth behind Kenrick Johnson’s untimely death has been ongoing since his tragic passing in 2013.

After two autopsies were performed, Kendricks’ body was exhumed a second time to perform a third, independent autopsy. The results of this third autopsy concluded that he died of blunt force trauma.

Despite no further investigation and the case being labeled an accidental death, the Johnsons firmly believe that their son was murdered and the surveillance cameras have been altered in an attempt to cover it up.

In addition, they also believe that two brothers are responsible for Kendrick’s murder and that the investigation into his death was a cover because one of them was an FBI agent.

The Johnson family continues their tireless efforts to uncover the truth and ultimately bring justice to Kendrick’s untimely death.