King Charles (74) deliberately does not want to meet his son. Prince Harry (38) is currently leaving his adopted homeland of the USA because of a court case in Great Britain. First it was said that the monarch was simply too busy to meet his younger son. A few days ago he also traveled to Germany for three days. But he seemed to deliberately avoid a meeting: Charles is said to not want any drama so close to the coronation.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield explains opposite FoxDigitalthat Charles’s busy schedule wasn’t the only reason he wasn’t seeing Harry. “He doesn’t want any drama before the coronation and he clearly considers Harry’s grievances insignificant”, says the journalist. However, the king’s calendar is planned months in advance, which is why he probably had time: “The idea that the king has time off and is not busy with his son tells me that Charles does not trust his son.”

It is still officially unclear whether Harry and Meghan (41) will come to the coronation at all. That’s why the palace has now even made several plans. However, it is said that the couple is generally welcome at the celebration. However, Kinsey is sure things will get awkward: “If Harry and Meghan are attending the coronation, they should bring their parkas as it’s going to be chilly.”