Aurora Ramazzotti (26) is overjoyed. In September 2022, the daughter of Michelle Hunziker (46) and Eros Ramazzotti (59) announced that she and her partner Goffredo Cerza were expecting their first child. Her famous parents were also really looking forward to the offspring and support their daughter wherever they can. In the past few weeks, Aurora has repeatedly shown how huge her baby bump is now. And now her son is finally born!

The influencer announces this with a sweet photo Instagram: This shows her partner’s hand giving the baby’s fist a check. Aurora also shares a polaroid picture that she and Goffredo kissing in the hospital bed also shows and reveals the name of the little one: Her first son goes by the name of Cesare. The photos subtitled the network awareness briefly and concisely with “BFFs” (short for: Best Friends Forever).

In the comments, of course, the congratulations for the young couple roll over. “I wish you a happy life, Cesare!” and “Welcome little boy” are just some of the kind words for the newborn.