Angelina Utzeri probably didn’t expect that! The beauty was able to conquer the heart of David Jackson in the current season of The Bachelor and was presented with the last rose in today’s finale. But her happiness should not last long: Afterwards, the Rosenkavalier announced that he was dating the runner-up. He and Lisa Mieschke are now a couple. That must have caused some uncomfortable conversation: So learned angelina from David’s relationship with her competitor!

At the big reunion after the finale, she reveals: “We talked before the show on Thursday.” But delivering the happy news to his ex was probably not an easy task for the influencer. The winner of the season adds: “We spoke for two hours – he told me in the last two minutes.” Even if it’s between her and David didn’t fit, she was glad that he was still able to find happiness. “If it works out for the two, I wish them all the best,” she announces.

previously had David already talked about the end of the short romance: “We felt real feelings, experienced a lot of exciting things together and then come into reality and were able to do that […] just don’t continue in reality.” He also never got over Lisa to let go.