Do you agree? This year’s season of The Bachelor has been a hot one. The rose distributor David Jackson already smooched with candidate Lisa and also with participant Rebecca – with the latter even on the night of the roses! He hasn’t come that close to Angelina yet. Nevertheless, her competitor Alyssa says that the half-American is in love with the woman from Stuttgart. But what do the fans say about it: Has David decided long ago for Angelina?

According to celebrity flash-Survey in which 1,165 readers took part [Stand: 07. April; 12 Uhr]it actually looks like it has David already given his heart to her. 58.5 percent (681 votes) are of the opinion that he would have already decided on Angelina and that there is a total spark between them! 41.5 percent (484 votes) do not believe that David already made a decision.

On the internet, opinions differ even more. Under a celebrity flashpost on Instagram, a user is pretty sure: “Chiara wins this year. She presents herself perfectly.” Another fan, on the other hand, emphasizes: “I also think that he is already in love with Angelina.”