What is Henriette Kibat-Koops’ secret? Only four girls have the chance to get the last rose from this year’s bachelor David Jackson. While Jetty and the distributor of roses started out rather slowly, the blonde was suddenly in the fast lane: it seems to have clicked for the two of them, and now the sparks are literally flying with them. How did that come about in the end? That has David celebrity flash explained.

In conversation with celebrity flash The coveted bachelor thinks about why it sparked between him and Jetty – although relatively late compared to the other candidates – but still quite violently. “It just developed naturally. At its own pace.”the influencer recalls.

How much it sparked between the two became clear on the last date. There Jetty and David don’t keep their hands off each other and kissed wildly – then the Hamburg resident even spoke of butterflies in her stomach.

Source: celebtap.com