Isn’t Chiara Dülberg serious? The native of Munich is trying to win the heart of David Jackson in this year’s season of The Bachelor. In the course of the season, however, there were repeated allegations from the other candidates that Chiara was only there to gain notoriety. At the home date, her mother now pours oil on the fire: Chiara’s big dream was to take part in the Bachelor!

In today’s episode, David visits the three remaining candidates in their home country. At the table, Chiara’s family wonders how her parents found her participation. “When she said she was going to the bachelor’s degree, I was stunned. At first I only cried because I also knew that one of her dreams would come true with it. I was stunned that she actually did it.”, Chiara’s mother explains proudly. The 26-year-old looks ashamed of her plate.

David is totally taken aback afterwards. “It makes me wonder why her mom says it was her dream? What did that mean?”, the Dubai emigrant asks himself in a one-on-one interview. Again he wonders if Chiara is so serious: “Did she apply before or did she say that it was just her dream to take part?”