Now there is finally light in the darkness! In the last episode of The Bachelor had candidate alyssa caused a great uproar. The 36-year-old had told her fellow campaigners that she found out something piquant about one of the girls: The said participant should only take part in the dating show so that she can then go in search of great love as a bachelorette. But who has alyssa meant? That has now been resolved!

During a cozy round at the dining table, it comes between Chiara and Rebecca to a heated conversation. The Munich resident Rebecca Speaking up after overhearing she told someone she was only on the show to be a Bachelorette. “I think it’s really weak. I’ll say that now and I mean it as I say it. I applied to the Bachelorette two years ago and was not accepted. […] You picked up something and took it to other people”the 26-year-old stirs up against her comrade-in-arms.

But even if Chiara claims to be serious about David, some of her colleagues see it differently. “The topic is still open somewhere. Yes, I just find it sad to see that he puts his main focus on someone who everyone else in the villa just has a strange gut feeling about.”says Leyla Lahouar in a one-on-one interview.