The Backstreet Boys have been on stage together for 30 years! As one of the most successful boy bands of the 90s, the band around Nick Carter (43) first had their big breakthrough in Europe before they started their world career. The singer has repeatedly been accused of various offenses in recent years, but his bandmates AJ McLean (45), Howie D. (49), Kevin Richardson (51) and Brian Littrell (48) have never let him down. But the hit band almost took off with another Hollywood star!

How Picture now reported, the five-piece band could have looked a little different. When the band formed in 1993, Nick was just 13 years old. And he was almost replaced by actor Ryan Gosling (42) of the same age! Ryan is said to have been considered for a while as a band member, but career-wise he preferred to focus on acting and was a long-time cast member of the Mickey Mouse Club. However, Ryan had ties to the band as he lived in the same building as AJ and was close friends with him.

The fact that the band finally went on stage in the well-known constellation was not only due to their talent. Ex-Bravo boss Alex Gerhardt explains: “The Backstreet Boys not only had the talent and looks to befit the boy band, they also had a solid show foundation.” The boys are said to have completed a kind of boot camp for singing and dancing long before the release of their first single.