There were even tears! Marc Terenzi (44) and Verena Kerth (41) have been a couple since autumn 2022. After the blonde had to leave this year’s jungle camp, she still had reason to be happy – because the singer was waiting for her on the beach and proposed to her. But shortly afterwards there was a lot of trouble – including fisticuffs and the resulting scratches and violets. shine now Verena and Marc to have argued again!

photosthe Picture are available show the couple on the terrace of a beach club in Mallorca. There is said to have been an argument there – both would have gesticulated wildly, one would have left the table again and again, but would come back. Someday be with Verena even had tears rolling down her cheeks, which she wiped with a handkerchief.

It’s not the first time the public has heard of the two’s beef. Joel de Tombe, marcs former bandmate, had once lived in the hotel next door to the engaged couple. There he had witnessed a loud argument: “It sounded like murder and manslaughter and his condition was the same the next morning. I myself couldn’t sleep because the terror lasted until seven in the morning.” Next day have Marc left the room with a bruise on the eye.