Peter Klein (56) denies his ex access to their home together. For a few months there has been a bitter war of roses between the TV stars, since the trained master painter Iris Klein (55) is said to have cheated with Yvonne Woelke (41). Since the separation, their dogs have been living with the hobby singer on the finca – yes iris are not allowed to visit them. Because, as has now become known, Peter have given their house ban!

As opposed to an insider Picture blurted out, the 55-year-old is no longer allowed to enter the property. But why? Peter supposedly planning that Yvonne will soon be moving to Mallorca with him. So that the two dogs Khalessi and Connor get used to them better, he doesn’t want that iris this visited. For the influencer, that was quite a punch in the pit of the stomach.

Already in March, Daniela Katzenberger’s (36) mother had in her Instagram-Story shared how much she misses her two four-legged friends. iris had even considered buying a new apartment to be able to bring the dogs to him. But that doesn’t seem to have happened so far.