Tim Sandt did not have an easy start. The reality star became known in 2020 through his participation in the RTL show Das Sommerhaus der Stars. There he faced exhausting competitions together with his girlfriend and pop singer Annemarie Eilfeld (32). Through his Villa Beef with his former comrade-in-arms Eva Benetatou The reality star polarized because Tim called the brunette “rat” and “bitch”, among other things. In the battle of the reality stars, the brawlers met again. Across from celebrity flash Tim now spoke about his entry into the show.

“Arriving was turbulent. It started right away with the waves, the extremely rocking jetty and I was soaking wet from the water,” explained the 33-year-old. But that wasn’t the only thing that added to Tim. One thing in particular bothered him: “Upon arrival I was thrown straight into the ‘shark tank’. I would have liked it to be a little different and got to know everyone a little first.”

The confrontation with his former nemesis Eva was not long in coming. Even before Tim’s arrival, the brunette feared: “I’m afraid of being in the same situation. I don’t want to get hurt.” Ultimately, however, the brawlers were able to make peace. “Here’s to a fresh start,” the two promised each other.

Source: celebtap.com