The airtime ends for the two of them on Kampf der Realitystars! In the current episode of the format, three newcomers joined: In addition to Peggy Jerofke, there were also moves Sascha Sirtl and Nico Patchinski into the saloon. Especially Emmy Russ (23) immediately messed with the three and even showed them the middle finger! used peggy, Sascha and Nico now her chance to kick the riot blonde out of the format?

In the moment of truth, all residents had to give out a coin to their comrades-in-arms again. In the end, Percival (58) gets the most coins! “I didn’t come here to win the show,” said the 58-year-old calmly afterwards. But also peggy, Sascha and Nico Like all newcomers, they have to make a decision: who do they think doesn’t deserve to stay on the show? Giulia Siegel (48) finally makes her choice! “We like you! It’s nothing personal,” explained Steffen Jerkel’s ex.

Percival seems relaxed about his expulsion: “I didn’t fit in there, not at all. That’s not my thing, I’m not a reality this or that.” The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant sees no future for himself in reality TV: “I’m done with reality shows but now that I’ve made some new acquaintances and maybe friends I’m going to watch them a little bit more than beforehand.” The 48-year-old, on the other hand, takes peggy, Sascha and Nico the decision was bad, as she revealed after her exit: “It’s a personal thing that I don’t like.” Still had Julia expected to be kicked out.