Who gets the most money? A number of celebrities are currently taking on the challenges of Battle of the Reality Stars and fighting for airtime. Sarah Knappik (36) already teased with some candidates: Among other things, there was stress with the original bachelor Paul Janke (41), but also with Daniel Schmidtthe landlord of the Hamburg Elbschlosskeller, there was a small battle of words. Still seems Sarah benefit most, at least financially, from their participation.

In a challenge, the celebrities have to rank their competitors in different categories. If they make a mistake, the participants shower with a slippery shower of slime. Among other things, the stars have to determine who gets the highest fee. In the group Emmy Russ (24), Matthias Mangiapane (39), Evanthia Benetatou (31) and Daniel Schmidt is certain: Matthew gets the highest fee. Eva even reveals that she has “a little more than 40,000 euros”. Then have to Paul, Sarah, Matthew and Eve are arranged. Eva occupies the last place, then comes Paul. Lands in second place Matthew. The highest fee gets accordingly Sarah.

“It’s awesome for me to know that I’m the first to be cast, get the highest amount of money. That makes me proud!”, she notes. Unlike Jay. Apart from Serkan Yavuz (30), he gets the lowest fee. In the previous episode, Sarah proudly told what she has already done in her career. “I’ve been to the red carpet at the Oscars. I’ve worked internationally. I’ve acted in a Hollywood film with Tara Reid (47) and Ian Ziering (59). I’ve done really blatant things,” she revealed, harvesting from her Colleagues but only laughter and eye rolls.

Source: celebtap.com