Leroy Sané (27) was probably not very angry. A few days ago there was a scandal at FC Bayern Munich: after losing the game against Manchester City, the footballer should Sadio Mane attacked and hit his teammate in the locker room. The club then decided to suspend him for one game and demand a fine. Apparently even Leroy was in favor of this rather mild punishment!

That reports now Picture. According to this, Leroy is said to have campaigned before the club bosses discussed how to proceed so that Sadio was not punished too severely and certainly not completely thrown out of the club. The bosses later agreed to a temporary suspension and a hefty fine.

In the meantime, all waves seem to have been completely calmed down. As the newspaper reports, Leroy and Sadio have already trained together again and seemed totally relaxed. There is no sign of the fight anymore – Leroy’s lip, which is said to have bled, seems to have healed again. If things remain harmonious, Sadio will most likely be able to play in the second leg against Manchester City.

Source: celebtap.com