What does Giulia Siegel (48) want to say here? The reality TV celebrity is a mutual friend of Verena Kerth (41) and Marc Terenzi (44). There are currently a lot of negative headlines circulating around the couple: the moderator is said to have repeatedly physically attacked the musician lately. The two recently denied this in an interview. your acquaintance Julia now finds meaningful words on the matter.

Asked about the current headlines Verena and Marcreacts to the fight of the Realitystars contestant RTL as follows: “I hope that Marc get out of there real quick.” But that’s not all: “I keep my fingers crossed for him, because in six months man has lost everything he has built up, really everything.”

Almost sounds like it would Julia Verena and Marc don’t buy her story entirely. The two had denied the allegations and marcs Violet, with whom he was recently spotted, im RTL-Interview explained as follows: It was allegedly a sex accident.

Source: celebtap.com