Sharon Battiste (31) and Valentin Lusin (36) blow everyone away! The big partner switch was on at Let’s Dance on Friday evening. Sharon Battiste became Valentin Lusin allocated. The former Bachelorette was initially very sad about this. She had to do without her dance partner Christian Polanc (44) this week. But the exchange has worked for Sharon worth it: you and valentine got a whopping 30 points from the jury!

Sharon and valentine put a rumba on the floor at “Let’s Dance”. “It’s a dance that actually requires a certain amount of trust,” the professional dancer previously explained. With their performance they knocked the judges off their feet. There were standing ovations from Joachim Llambi (58), Motsi Mabuse (41) and Jorge Gonzalez (55). “It touched my heart, it was great, it was elegant and rhythmic,” enthused Motsi. “We rarely had such an emotional, soulful rumba. More is not possible”let Joachim announce. The couple received 30 points for their performance.

On Twitter Meanwhile, a discussion arose as to whether valentine not much better as a dance partner Sharon would fit. Previously there were rumors that Sharon and Christian supposedly not particularly sympathetic. “Cries Sharon now with happiness or because they are back with me next week Christian Polanc dance?”, joked one user. After the dance ran Christian still closed Sharon and hugged her warmly. “I still don’t believe the rumours Sharonmainly because Christian always kisses her on the head, but the partner swap is good for her,” another gave his opinion on the two.