This is a small setback for Katy Perry (38). The singer has had a court case going on for several years, starting in 2008 when Australian fashion designer Katie Perry registered her brand with her birth name. When the “Fireworks” singer then sold clothes herself in Australia from 2014 to 2018, the designer filed a lawsuit against her. However, now Katy has lost the court case.

Like several media, among others 7news report, the designer has prevailed against Katy in the Australian court. A judge ruled that Katy’s company, Kitty Purry, infringed the fashion designer’s trademark rights by selling clothes under her name in Australia. “This is a story of two women, two teenage dreams and one name,” the judge said in her ruling.

So far, Katy has not commented on it. In addition, it is still unclear whether damages will have to be paid. The judge ruled that Katy herself owed nothing to the designer as she had used her trademark “in good faith”. Her company, Kitty Purry, could be held accountable for selling the clothes.