Do other Hollywood greats want to prevent publication? An autobiography by Britney Spears (41) was originally supposed to be released in February. In this, the “Princess of Pop” wants to unpack about her time under the tutelage of her father Jamie Spears (70). Many fans are already wondering why the memoir hasn’t been released yet. Now it is known: Supposedly celebrity complaints are the reason for this!

How The Sun reports that Brits publisher Simon & Schuster has received written communications from two Hollywood greats expressing their complaints about the planned book publication. An insider says: “Britney is brutally honest in her memoir – A lot of A-listers out there are very nervous about it. They’re scared of what Britney wrote.” So far it is still unclear who exactly these stars are and whether they actually know that their names are mentioned in the book.

In any case, anyone who fears the publication of the book is the father of the singer. An employee of the 70-year-old described loudly Perez Hilton: “Jamie won’t let his daughter just write whatever she wants about him. He won’t let her ruin his reputation!”