Who will win the grand finale at Let’s Dance? One last time, Anna Ermakova (23), Philipp Boy (35) and Julia Beautx (24) swing across the floor and fight for the title of Dancing Star 2023. The gymnast has already convinced the jury with a Viennese waltz. The audience, however, were less enthusiastic about it. Julia however, has become a real favorite of “Let’s Dance” fans. Will she even win in the end?

If after the Twitterusers, then clearly: Yes! Above all, the viewers find the enormous development of the influencer great. “Hit the keys, let’s leave it Julia win! She learned the most and improved enormously. Plus, they’re super nice.”, tries to animate a spectator. “No one would have thought that Julia making it this far and it’s so damn hard earned and deserved!” observed another.

Although seems ann to have slipped into the role of favorites, a user still wishes: “Although I’m pretty sure that ann wins today, hopes my ‘let’s dance‘-Heart on a win for Julia!” If Julia can really prevail in the end?

Source: celebtap.com