The beef between Dieter Bohlen (69) and Katja Krasavice (26) just never ends! The jury veteran and the rapper have been in a clinch with each other since the DSDS castings – and even in the grand finale of the TV show, the viewers were not spared Zoff. The pop titan appeared on stage himself as part of the season showdown with the hit “Brother Louie.” The performance takes Katya now for the occasion, again against dieter to shoot!

“[…] If you knew what dieter before the appearance for a theater on RTL, so that he and only he would appear and not another person (I’m not talking about myself here) – the person who would have deserved this appearance much more!”, granted Katya on Instagram a look behind the scenes. And the appearance itself was anything but convincing. The musician is annoyed: “He then goes on stage – the man who tears all the candidates apart for every little mistake – and sings full playback?!” For these reasons, she “likes to have zero percent respect” for her jury colleague and his performance.

But Katya not only angry about dieters appearance in DSDS-Finale – a lot has also happened to her away from the limelight. “His own employees come to me and say they’re counting the hours until they can walk again – I don’t think I have to say any more than that!”reports the 26-year-old.