Is Jamie Foxx (55) to blame for Cameron Diaz (50) acting again? With films like “Bad Teacher” or “Die SchadenFreundinnen” the actress blossomed into a sought-after Hollywood star. In recent years, however, the artist had withdrawn more and more from the film industry. fellow actor jamie eventually persuaded her to step in front of the cameras with him again after eight years. Because jamie now freaked out on the set Cameron want to turn their backs on show business!

jamie and Cameron are currently in front of the film cameras for their joint film “Back in Action”. How Daily Mail now reported, should Cameron but want to give up acting again after filming. The reason: According to an insider, her co-star is said to be jamie freaked out on the set and contributed to the firing of three employees. “She hates drama and the confrontations, which is why she retired from the business in the first place,” explains the source. She also misses her family too much during the long days of shooting.

And that although it jamie was the Cameron only with difficulty persuaded to appear again in front of the camera for a joint film project. “Want to have some fun? Just have some fun!”were his convincing words to the 50-year-old, as he said in an interview with in August Entertainment Tonight betrayed.