He feels personally attacked! Ed Sheeran (32) has already stormed the charts several times as a musician and has had many hits. His track “Thinking Out Loud” was also a complete success for him – but because of this the singer is currently in a serious legal dispute. It is said that the song is too similar to “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye (✝44). Ed strikes a serious note and says: If he loses the lawsuit, he will end his music career!

How People reported, the 32-year-old gave his lawyer Ilene Farkas a clear answer. If the court actually decides that “Thinking Out Loud” dem Marvin-Gaye song sounds too similar, stand by Eds decision: “If that happens, I’ll stop! I’ll drop everything then!” The reason for this is that the singer feels unfairly treated in the case. “I find it really, really hurtful. I’ve worked so hard to be where I am in my life.”

entered a few days ago Ed entered the Manhattan federal courtroom to oppose the lawsuit. This was not without a great deal of media hype and all the photographers and reporters waited outside the courthouse to await the outcome.

Source: celebtap.com