Michèle de Roos is annoyed. The former bachelor’s candidate moved out of the shared apartment with Niko Griesert (32) last year – since then she has been sharing updates about the furnishing of her apartment. Now the brunette turned to her followers with a new project: Michele wanted to install a partition to separate her balcony from the neighbors. But the neighbors opposed each other!

In your Instagram-Story told Michelethat she wanted to put up the partition so her dog couldn’t get onto the neighbors’ balcony – and to create more privacy. So she contacted the property manager, who approved the job. Michele had apparently reckoned without her neighbors: “And what happens? The craftsmen tell me that they had a chat with the neighbor because she complained […].” This is said to block an escape route – that could be loud Michele but don’t be, otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten the permit.

“I think so, my God, it’s just better for both sides,” the beauty was a little annoyed and added annoyed: “The main thing is to vote against it first, the main thing is to complain first.” She is really curious whether there will be trouble again because of the partition.

Source: celebtap.com