Here Uwe Ochsenknecht (67) apparently sparked a little family trouble. The actor has three children with his ex-wife Natascha Ochsenknecht (58): Wilson Gonzalez (33), Jimi Blue (31) and Cheyenne Savannah (22). His ex and the kids are currently on TV with their reality TV series Die Ochsenknechts. Uwe but does not appear in it. The blond doesn’t seem to think too much of the series – that’s why there was now stress Natasha and Co.!

Told in the teaser for the new episode of the show Natashathat her ex made derogatory remarks about his family. “Ultimately, you [Cheyennes] Father on a show wasn’t and didn’t say so nice things about me and our family. That was also about our series and stuff like that. We all know he watched her”, She said. The blonde then wrote in the family WhatsApp group that she found it disrespectful – daughter Cheyenne probably didn’t think it was that great and left the group.

But what had Uwe ever said? At “Ina’s Night” he had talked about the fact that he sometimes gets annoyed when his last name appears in the press with negative headlines. “I’ve thought that since the divorce. At first I thought, hopefully people can see the difference in quality and I think it’s worked out.”he sneered.