Nadja Abd el Farrag (58) had big plans. On Tuesday, concerned friends of TV fame turned to the public. Dieter Bohlen’s ex-partner (69) had disappeared and had not contacted them for more than four months. Anyone with an idea of ​​where she is should get in touch. But what did he do? Nadia last? Last year she started a new business!

In March 2022 made himself Nadia self-employed as a decorator in Hamburg. “In the initial phase, I don’t ask for a fee, I want to prove my skills. Only the decorative items have to be paid for.”she said at the time Picture-Interview on. The moderator can be booked for decoration work for individual rooms or even an entire house. Nadia just love to make their surroundings beautiful. “I’m constantly redecorating my apartment, just have a knack for it, always shown taste. I’ll amaze everyone,” she said confidently.

Before Nadia When she tried her hand at decorating, she experienced many ups and downs in her life. She struggled with alcohol problems and debt, among other things. In 2022, the singer was also blackmailed by internet hackers. On Instagram her friends also said that Nadia had a stalker.