Nobody expected that. Harry Styles (29) and Olivia Wilde (39) went through life together for about two years. But in November last year, an insider revealed that the couple was taking a break from their relationship. The break now seems to have become a final separation, because the singer was recently spotted kissing Emily Ratajkowski (31). Last year, the model shared with Olivia attended the musician’s concert – who would have thought that this would be followed by a change of partners!

On tik tok A video has been circulating for a few days that Emily together with the actress at a concert by the 29-year-old last June. In a good mood, the two friends listened to the songs of the then partner from the grandstand Olivia sang along. That Emily around eight months later, the director would certainly not have thought that she would be making out with her ex in public. Will their friendship survive?

But during Harry flirts with the girlfriend of his exes, she seems to be flirting with the father of her children again. How Mirror reported that the 39-year-old only met Jason Sudeikis (47) at a football game on Saturday. The mood between the former couple is said to have been relaxed. In addition, it is also an intimate hug between Olivia and come to the actor.