It’s danced out for this couple! The new season of Let’s Dance is currently running. But the popular dance show is slowly coming to an end: the semi-finals will take place next week. Also there are Anna Ermakova (23), Knossi (36), Timon Krause (28), Philipp Boy (35) and Julia Beautx (24) with their respective dance partners. But which couple is eliminated from “Let’s Dance” today?

In the end it was close for Knossi and Timon. In the end, however, only one other couple made it through to the next round – and they are Timon and Ekaterina Leonova (36)! Accordingly, Knossi and Isabel Edvardsson (40) unfortunately have to say goodbye and fly out of the dance show today. They sadly hugged each other, but are also proud of themselves.

According to celebrity flashpoll, viewers clearly see a couple in the lead: Anna and Valentin Lusin (36). Of a total of 2,663 participants, 767 and thus 28.8 percent voted for the daughter of Boris Becker (55). Will she be able to prove herself in the upcoming semi-finals?