Dating is a tough subject for Jenefer Riili! The former Berlin – Day & Night actress got to know and love her former colleague Matthias Höhn (27) on the set of the series. The young couple became parents of a son around five years ago. Unfortunately, happiness wasn’t meant to last forever. The ex-amateur actors separated in 2021. Now Jenni admits: It is difficult for her to get involved with someone new.

The 31-year-old talks about this topic in her Instagram-Story to: “Of course I don’t want to be alone forever either, but I find it very difficult to trust and allow things.” She is afraid of hurting her son’s feelings. “For example, I always notice that I have a really bad conscience when I’m having fun with a man (like a date). Milan often says he wants siblings and stuff. […] But then I just ask myself, what would it be like then, would he feel deprived or feel sad or whatever?” Jenefer further.

The beauty now gets along very well with her little one’s dad. The two seem to be mastering co-parenting together. In the celebrity flashinterview, the 27-year-old recently revealed: “We set this up for our son, it works great and I’m very happy it’s the way it is.”