Anna Ermakova (23) flashes her fans. The runway beauty is currently taking part in the dance show Let’s Dance. With her performance, she made a real impression on the audience and the jury. In the meantime, she is even regarded as an absolute favourite. And due to the strenuous dance training, she seems to be really fit at the moment. Shares during her Easter break ann now a photo that inspires her fans.

At Instagram Splits ann the photos of their Easter party. She shows herself in casual sportswear and a crop top. In the cool look, she puts her well-trained figure in the limelight. “Happy Easter, dear ones, wish everyone a wonderful day,” she writes. Her fans celebrate the photos and compliment the 23-year-old not only for her figure, but also for her natural look. “Very beautiful, natural pictures,” says one user and another writes: “Your beauty comes from inside and outside.”

That ann “Let’s Dance” regularly wins so many points, but doesn’t seem to come from anywhere. The professional dancer Renata Lusin (35) explained Instagramthat the model apparently always goes full throttle when training with Valentin Lusin (36). “Anna, you are such a busy little leg with a huge heart”, praised the native Russian. Meanwhile dance ann even at pro level.