That must be love! Actor Ben Affleck (50) makes no secret of his admiration for singer Jennifer Lopez (53), to whom he has been married since 2022. Just a few weeks ago, in a podcast, he described her as the best performer of all time. Now he continued his crush while revealing the secret to her amazing looks. It becomes clear: Ben is blown away by his Jennifer!

Although Ben is actually in the “The Drew Barrymore Show” was a guest to promote his new film “Air”, he couldn’t stop raving about the partner at his side: “She is the most beautiful woman in the world, she looks spectacular.” He revealed the Latina’s figure secret, which might surprise some: “Jennifer just eats what she wants. Whatever she wants. She eats cookies, ice cream, everything.”

The Hollywood star is sure that behind her great looks there is not only her work ethic and discipline, but actually something superhuman. When asked if she would manage to stay slim with exercise, he joked: “She’s exercising. I’m exercising too, but I don’t magically appear to be twenty years old with perfect skin and all that stuff.” It seems like J.Lo has not only found her husband in Ben (41), but also her biggest fan!