Why didn’t Bert Girigorie appear in the long-awaited Lifetime biopic of Wendy Williams, Wendy Williams: The Movie? Let’s find out what’s really behind his absence.

Wendy Williams was previously married to Kevin Hunter, but the marriage ended in divorce last year. Before Kevin, her first husband was Burt Gyorgy, but their marriage was short-lived and they separated after a year.

Bert Girigorie: What Do We Know About Him?

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Bert Girigorie was born on 13 March 1964. He grew up in the United States in Charlotte, North Carolina. He would have turned 57 in 2021.

According to his Twitter bio, Bert Girigorie is a sales and marketing expert living in Charlotte, North Carolina. He met Williams while working as a customer service representative at Kiss FM radio when Williams was an on-air presenter.

Bert Girigorie – Exciting New Revelations & His Relationship With Wendy Williams
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According to LinkedIn, he has been President of G2 Marketing since 2010. G2 Marketing is a “digital marketing firm that provides marketing services to a portfolio of companies and a small number of clients.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Bert Guigory attended and graduated from Morehouse College, a historic black college, and is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated.

Bert Girigorie Relationship with Wendy Williams

Bert Guigory’s first meeting with Wendy Williams took place at Kiss FM in New York. He was working there as a DJ. After several meetings, Bert and Wendy Williams started dating.

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Their casual encounters turned into dates and eventually, the couple started dating. Soon after, Bert and Wendy agreed to get married. After exchanging vows and being pronounced husband and wife, they celebrated a small celebration in 1994.

Unfortunately, after only five months of marriage, tensions, misunderstandings and disagreements arose between the couple and Bert and Wendy began to live apart. Their marriage did not last long and in 1995, after only one year of marriage, they separated.

What Caused Bert Girigorie and Wendy William’s Marriage to End?

Their marriage broke down due to various factors. Bert Girigorie and Wendy Williams did not even try to resolve the problems in their marriage.

According to 57-year-old Wendy, the cocaine-addled character was often acted out and rarely perpetuated in its original state, which caused a huge change in their marriage. Wendy Williams’ apparent addiction, in her opinion, is to blame for all the discord in their marriage.

Georgie claims that he was completely unaware of her suspected drug use until the divorce when he realised that her erratic behaviour could be explained by her addiction.

Burt said that very early in their marriage, strange things began to happen, which was a peculiar situation. He thinks that Wendy was simply changing into someone else. He said he was not sure about that, not sure what happened. Much of what she said and did surprised Girigorie.

Burt Gregory could not understand why she acted the way she did. They had a huge falling out and their whole relationship became very strained. Girigorie has told us.

What caused the break-up of Bert Gregory and Wendy Williams’ marriage

Another Revelation 

During the couple’s romantic getaway in Rio de Janeiro, Girigorie said that the newlyweds had a big fight during their honeymoon when Williams was planning to leave her and go off on her own.

He assessed her strange behaviour as reckless and suggested that it might be related to suspected drug use. Burt went on to add that after the divorce was finalised, he overheard people discussing Wendy’s alleged indecencies with other men even when they were together.

The TV personality claimed that Georgia mistreated him in her autobiography “Wendy’s Got The Heat”, which Burt has categorically denied.

Bert Gregory claimed that she was unfaithful to him. Girigorie recently claimed that the acid-tongued presenter’s antics had become so out of control that her spouse had “lost his mind”.

Why Did Wendy Williams Leave Him Out Of The Biopic?

Wendy Williams has not yet explained why she did not include her first love, Bertha Ghirrigori. How can someone forget about her ex-husband while talking about her own trials and tribulations? At least they had a year-long relationship.

Bert Girigorie – Exciting New Revelations & His Relationship With Wendy Williams
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After the screening of the film, in which Williams completely ignores Bert Guirigori, many people laughed at the fact that they too were ignoring their first lovers and trolled the internet.

Wendy Williams’ Life is Full of Ups and Downs

The 54-year-old actress has reportedly revealed that she is living in a sober living home in Queens Long Island City. However, after finding out that her husband Kevin Hunter had a child with Sharyn Hudson, she returned and started drinking.

Previously, the couple had a child named Kevin Hunter Jr., born in 2000. He was first unfaithful to Williams when she was pregnant.

Kevin’s extramarital activities are detailed in the same article, claiming that Kevin cheated on her while she was undressed and in bed with their child. Wendy has addressed this situation. Partly she understood him, partly she wanted to kill him.

Wendy was tormented by Kevin’s many fornications during their 25-year marriage, to the point that she hired a professional investigator to look into his actions. Wendy, 56, legally separated from Kevin in January 2020.

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Wendy Williams Now

Popular TV star Wendy Williams, known for her witty questions for celebrities, has pulled out of The Wendy Williams Show for its entire 13th season due to health issues, but she announced on Monday in an Instagram post that she is “making progress”.

Wendy Williams tested positive for COVID-19. She was due to return to her show on 4 October, but this has been postponed and she has been replaced by guest presenters.

TV presenter Wendy Williams recovered from COVID in September, but she was still experiencing post-COVID symptoms with additional health complications, so the programme was postponed to 18 October.

After Williams’ chronic illness appeared out of nowhere, dedicated presenters will take over the programme. Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes an overactive thyroid gland, leading to “serious complications”, a later update said.

Williams announced that she would stop working on the programme in May 2020 because of her illness. In a recent Instagram post, Williams thanked those guest hosts, as well as her team, the syndication company and the stations that broadcast her talk show.