He has now prevailed! Elon Musk (51) bought the online platform Twitter last year. The billionaire had had this goal for quite a while – so he was all the happier when it finally worked. The entrepreneur then wanted to remove the blue ticks from all profiles on the platform whose users do not deposit funds. This project could Elon now implement, and: Many Stars Lost Their Twitter Ticks!

The blue symbols applied to Twitter as an official verification feature with which prominent people stood out from the large mass of platform users. Celebrities like Lady Gaga (37), Beyoncé (41) or the South Korean girl group Blackpink now have to manage without the tick. Elon ultimately prevailed with this idea, but many well-known faces such as basketball player LeBron James (38) had clearly spoken out against it beforehand.

If Elon not concerned with business matters, he enjoys spending time with his loved ones. Sometimes he mixes work and private life. This was also the case recently when the billionaire appeared at a marketing conference with his son X Æ A-XII in his arms.

Source: celebtap.com