The dispute goes to the next round. Rumors have been circulating for a few weeks that the moderator Amira Pocher (30) is said to have fought violently with one of her close friends. This is probably Evi, who has apparently already stepped in as a nanny in the Pocher household in the past. But the two women have apparently not yet made peace. After Evi is said to have sold designer clothes that she had been given by the presenter, the Zoff goes into the next round. Now Amira launched a counterattack.

“I get sent some screenshots of my stuff being sold by the other person who gave it to me,” the brunette explained in hers Instagram-Story. She also revealed, visibly mocking, that her friend’s closet consists of 80 percent of her clothes. Nevertheless, Amira gave the all-clear: the sale had been agreed with her. She also gave the alleged reason for this: “Because she urgently needs money”.

Amira had already announced online in February that she had drawn a line. And the “For many reasons, believe me”. The moderator also revealed this: “I stopped being lied to, badmouthed and taken advantage of.” However, she did not clarify whether it was really her former friend Evi.